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We offer a large selection of tours around St. Petersburg. Individual excursions take place on a separate car or boat with a personal guide. Group tours in English are sent from the group gathering place by bus or boat. There are also pedestrian tours that pass without transport individually or with a group.

City tours in St. Petersburg on city sightseeing tours, where you can get acquainted with the history of the city and the most popular places.
Tours to palaces the famous palace and park museums are located not far from the city, where it is best to get on a bus excursion.
Boat trips tours along the rivers and canals of the city on river trams, motor ships on movable bridges, a hydrofoil boat to Petrogof.
Tours to the museums of St. Petersburgit is difficult to get to some museums of the city because of queues, but you can book an excursion in advance to avoid this.

Group tours are sent on a schedule, which is updated daily.

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