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Hydrofoil to PeterhofThe most fast and comfortable way to get to one of the most beautiful palace and park ensembles is to pass through the Gulf of Finland on the hydrofoil ship "Meteor"! We suggest you get to the ship, which for forty minutes will drive you to the Lower Park of Peterhof from the city center. During this time you will have time to enjoy the water area of the Gulf of Finland and breathe fresh sea air. Peterhof - one of the most visited suburbs of St. Petersburg, which is famous for its parks and magnificent fountains, the trip to Peterhof will be remembered for a long time. Traveling to Peterhof on a hydrofoil will be a pleasure, make sure of it for yourself!

How to book this tour?

This tour can be ordered only like ticket. To book: 1. Select a date and add to your cart. 2. Confirm your order. Please contact us if you have any question.

This is prices for a tickets with group.

Duration: 30-40 min.Landing on a meteor departing to Peterhof at the pier on the Admiralteiskaya embankment. Select the date, time and number of tickets. Click the add button and your order will appear in the cart.

In the chosen period a tour is not carried out - closed navigation. Please select another period to see prices!


Hydrofoil runs from the pier in the city center to the pier in Lower Peterhof Park.

The route may vary due to weather conditions (rise of water, storm warning, etc.)


Hydrofoils are equipped by air-conditioner. On board there are cold and hot drinks on sale (tea, cofe, juce, water). Salons of high-speed meteors are equipped with comfortable seats. In the head cabin there are large panoramic windows.

The safety of passengers on board fast motor ships is very important. All ships have proper licenses. The personnel on board are trained in safety engineering and are ready to solve any issue arising on board. Guests are met by English-speaking stewardesses.

The Gulf of Finland is a bay in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea, it is washed by the coasts of Finland, Russia and Estonia. At present, ferry lines operate in the Gulf of Finland and it is fashionable to see ships of various sizes on a water walk.

In the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland is a complex of protective structures of St. Petersburg from floods. The dam carries protective and transport functions. The entire dam is part of the Ring Road.

Please note that the ticket price for the ship does not include the ticket to the lower park of the GMZ "Peterhof". Departures on the ship "Meteor" can be canceled by storm warning or other weather conditions. Free transit is possible for baby up to 3 year old (without individual seat). Additionally, you can book an individual excursion to Peterhof on the meteor.

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