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Excursions in Saint-PetersburgStart exploring the city with a sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg. You will see the most important sights, famous monuments, architectural ensembles, bridges, embankments and learn about them a lot of interesting. Saint Petersburg - one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Every year it attracts a lot of visitors from different countries. People come here to see the masterpieces of art and architecture. You can select a city tour with a tour group on the bus or a personal guide. Sightseeing tours with the tour group are held every day. To get on this tour you need to buy a ticket online and get to the starting point of the tour at the Gostiny Dvor.

How to book this tour?

This tour can be ordered like individual and like ticket. To book: 1. Select a ticket for a tour or private tour. 2. Select a date and add to your cart. 3. Confirm your order. Please contact us if you have any question.

This is prices for a tickets with group.

Duration: 1,5 hrs.To order tickets for the sightseeing bus tour in St. Petersburg, select a date, time and number of tickets.Tour starts from the Gostiny Dvor (Gostiny Dvor metro station).

1 ticket 1000 RUB     для: adult
Date and time:    
1 ticket 800 RUB     для: student
Date and time:    
1 ticket 700 RUB     для: children
Date and time:    

This is a prices for a private tour.

Duration: 3 hrs.The cost of a private tour of St. Petersburg includes the work of the guide and transport with driver. To order, please select the date, time and type of transport.Tour starts from the hotel or another place in the city center on the guest's request.

economy:   5500 RUB  for group  2 (3) pax
Date and time:    
business:   8100 RUB  for group  2 (3) pax
Date and time:    
minivan:   7600 RUB  for group  3-6 pax
Date and time:    
minibus:   8000 RUB  for group  6-18 pax
Date and time:    
bus:   10400 RUB  for group  19-45 pax
Date and time:    


Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, Peter and Paul Fortress, Summer garden, Palace Square, the Winter Palace, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Sphinx on the University Embankment, St. Isaac's Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, Nevsky Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor

The route may change due to traffic jams, city festivals and other events in the city center. Place the start and end of the tour depends on the location of the hotel.


If you come to St. Petersburg for the first time, the first day is best to start with a sightseeing tour.

Private tour starts directly from the hotel or other places (airport, railway station, etc.). This tour is organized by car or minibus, depending on the number of people. You can make changes to the route, just let us know about your wishes.

On a city tour you will see the world-famous sights of the city: the Hermitage, Palace Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, Nevsky Prospect and others. The tour will help you to plan your walks around the city and visits to museums. This tour can be completed in one of the city's museums.

On the city tour you will learn many interesting facts that you will not find in guidebooks. Our guides will tell you about the most interesting events that took place in St.

Have any questions about this tour? Ask us!

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