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This document is a proposal of the Limited Liability Company "COLLECTION OF EXCURSIONS", the registration number in the uniform federal register of tour operators VNT 017380, the contract liability insurance for non-execution or improper performance of obligations under the contract for the sale of tourist product No. 3174/18-49 dated 09.04.2018 with PJSC "GAIDE Insurance Company" (191119, St. Petersburg, Ligovsky pr-kt, 108, lit. A), the amount of financial security is 500,000 rubles, the term of the financial security from 01.07.2018 to 30.06.2019, сonclude a contract for the provision of services on the terms that are the subject of this document.

1. Basic Provisions
2. Order of services
3. Cost and Payment
4. Seasonality
5. Delivery and terms of service
6. Refusal of Service
7. Motivation program and gift certificate
8. Responsibility of the parties
9. Final Provisions
10. Requisites of the Contractor

1. Basic Provisions
1.1 For the purposes of an unambiguous interpretation of this document, the following values are used:
1.1.1 Services - excursion and transportation and other services posted on the Internet at (the "Site").
1.1.2 The offer is the present document "Rules for ordering, payment and refusal of services" (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) posted on the Site. The rules are an open document, the current version of which is always located on the Internet at These Rules may be amended or supplemented by the Contractor without special notification to possible interested parties. These Rules regulate the rules of the order (according to paragraph 2 of these Rules) and the payment (according to paragraph 3 of these Rules) of services, as well as the refusal of services (according to paragraph 6 of these Rules) published on the Site.
1.1.3 Acceptance of the offer - full and unconditional acceptance of the Rules in the order of acceptance of these Rules without signing by the parties. The adoption of the Rules has legal force in accordance with Art. 434 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and is equivalent to a contract signed by the parties.
1.1.4 Customer - a visitor to the Site who has made a service order in any way, according to clause 2.1 of these Rules, a person who has reached the age of sixteen, a legal entity regardless of citizenship and jurisdiction.
1.1.5 The Contractor - the direct executor of the services placed on the Site is the Limited Liability Company "EXCURSIONS COLLECTION".
1.1.6 The Parties - the Customer and the Contractor are jointly referred to as the Parties.
1.2 The Rules are a legally binding agreement between the Customer and the Contractor, the subject of which is the provision of the Services to the Customer. In addition to these Rules, the relationship between the Contractor and the Customer is regulated by the accompanying registration of the order (see clause 5 of these Rules) and other documents. For further use of the Site and the order of services posted on the Site, you must carefully read the terms of these Rules.
1.3 When using the Site, ordering and paying for services from the Site, regardless of the method of placing an order, sending data using the forms posted on the website or signing the Agreement of accession to these Rules, the Customer makes an acceptance of the offer and accepts all conditions for ordering, delivery of services and refusal of paid services and agrees to the provision of personal data in accordance with these Rules.
1.4 For the executed and paid order there is an edition of the present Rules which operated at the moment of payment of the order.
1.5 The Contractor requires the personal data of the Customer in order to fulfill the terms of the contract.
1.5.1 For execution and execution of the order, the Contractor requires the full name, contact phone number and / or e-mail address of the Customer. Identical and information requested for the same purposes is required for registration on the Site, offered for participation in the Motivation Program, and in other forms posted on the Site. The received data is used for order confirmation, notifications of changes in the order, provision of contact and other information related to the order via voice / fax communication, e-mail and SMS, as well as for one-time connection of the quality control service of the Contractor with the Customer. This information is confidential and under no circumstances is used in future for advertising and other mailings.
1.5.2 The Contractor has the right to transfer the Customer's personal information to third parties only in cases when this information is necessary for the fulfillment of the terms of the contract and for rendering the service of the proper quality to the Customer.
1.5.3 The Contractor's Privacy Policy is posted at and is an integral part of these Rules.
1.6 When using the Site, ordering services from the Site and agreeing on material terms, the Parties use the Moscow time by default (MSK, UTC +3 hours).

2. Order of services
2.1 The order of the service is carried out in any accessible way from those offered by the Contractor on the Site.
2.2 Confirmation of the order is carried out within 1 hour from the moment the order is received.
2.3 The Contractor reserves the right to refuse to provide the service and offer alternative service options in the absence of technical capability, namely, but not limited to: lack of available units for the requested time, absence of free guides, inability to organize a visit to the museum, hotel, lack of places for a combined excursion or an assembly tour, as well as, in other cases of occurrence of circumstances beyond the control of the Contractor.

3. Cost and Payment
3.1 The cost of services corresponds to the prices for the current season (see clause 4 of these Rules) published on the Site at the time of placing the order by the Customer.
3.1.1 Prices are valid for excursions in Russian, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The cost of excursions in other languages requires a separate calculation for the request.
3.1.2 Parties allow the appearance of additional conditions affecting the cost of services (including, but not limited to, the size of the minimum group, as well as events in accordance with 4.3.1), as the Contractor notifies the Customer at the time of order approval prior to the payment for services by the Customer.
3.2 The Contractor regulates pricing in accordance with the current situation and reserves the unconditional right to change prices on the Site without mandatory prior notification of possible interested persons.
3.3 After confirming the order, the customer must pay the total cost of the services on the order in a timely manner.
3.3.1 The Contractor allows payment in several stages. At the same time, in the first stage, the cost of services for the first day of service and the total cost of non-refundable services are paid according to clause 5.9, in the subsequent stages the remaining part of the sum is paid from the total cost of the order.
3.3.2 Terms of payment and other material terms shall be agreed by the Parties and recorded in documents or official correspondence.
3.4 Possible forms and terms of payment for services are defined in accordance with the section Payment for services of the company.
3.5 The terms of payment are regulated as follows:
- not less than 10 minutes and not more than 24 hours in the case of online payment or cash payment in the communication salons and terminals from the moment of confirmation by the payment service;
- no more than 3 working days in case of payment through the bank on the details of the organization;
- The parties agreed that the fact of payment is not the moment of settlement and the actual moment of the settlement is the transfer of funds by the Executor to the account of the application during office hours not later than the next working day after the Contractor receives the relevant payment document (notice from the bank, statement or notice from the payment system or other); The
- a payment voucher is printed at the time of actual settlement according to the current legislation.
3.6 Payment for services should be made in the following terms:
3.6.1. Not later than 72 hours before the beginning of the actual service of an individual guest or group of guests, no more than 5 people and no later than 14 days before the actual service of the group more than 5 people.
3.6.2 Within 3 working days from the date of confirmation of services and invoicing.
3.6.3. In other terms, which are fixed in supporting documents and / or official correspondence at the time of placing an order and are treated as priority, applying instead of clauses 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 of these Rules.
3.6.4 In case of violation of the terms of payment, the Contractor reserves the right to cancel the application without notice to the Customer.

4. Seasonality
4.1 The prices for the Contractor's services vary throughout the year and are divided into low and high seasons. The prices published on the Site are applied to the current season. When ordering services for another season, the cost of services is set at the time of booking.
4.2 The price may change during one season due to the influence of external factors, namely, but not limited to, a significant rise in price of fuel, the entry into force of legislative acts, the application of which may affect the cost of services.
4.3 During the season, services are provided in accordance with the prices for this season. In the case of the order of services, the execution of which falls on a different season, the price of the service is determined by the season of rendering the services, and not their order.
4.3.1 Conducting economic, political, other mass events, and also some other reasons may affect the cost of services, the current price for certain dates may differ from the price published on the Site for the season.

5. Delivery and terms of service
5.1 The Contractor provides supporting documents depending on the services ordered: a boarding pass in case of ordering a group excursion, a service program and a voucher for the provision of services in case of ordering an individual or organized group excursion and other supporting documents or a set of documents based on the terms of service.
5.1.1 Confirming documents are sent to e-mail or in another convenient way within 30 minutes from the moment of crediting to the account in accordance with clause 3.5, unless otherwise specified in the official correspondence.
5.1.2 Under the official (properly executed) correspondence, the Parties imply substantial conditions fixed by means of electronic mail and facsimile. In case of making adjustments to essential conditions, according to clause 5.5, fixed in the confirming documents after their provision and / or payment for services, through official correspondence, the unconditional priority of performance of essential conditions of service is transferred to official correspondence.
5.1.3 If, for a number of reasons, including but not limited to compliance with the requirements of legislative acts, the signing of extended safety rules or other conditions is required, such documents are approved together with a set of supporting documents and become an integral part of these Rules.
5.2 In order to execute the order, the Parties agreed on the presence of representatives of the Parties on the spot.
5.2.1 Representative of the Contractor is an employee of the Contractor who represents him on the order and is responsible for the technical execution of the program, including a guide, driver or other person.
5.2.2 Customer's representative - the Customer appoints the official senior representative (hereinafter referred to as the "Accompanying" or the "Representative") or several Representatives accompanying the group on the order and representing the interests of the group and notifies the Contractor thereof.
5.2.3 The Customer's representative is the contact person for any issues during the execution of the order.
5.2.4 In the event that the Customer has not appointed a Representative, the Customer assumes responsibility for the performance of clauses 5.6 to 5.7.
5.2.5 Contacts of the Representative of the Contractor, are sent on the day preceding the day of service start, but not later than 2 hours before the start of service.
5.3 The parties agreed that all the essential terms of service, according to clause 5.5, on request are recorded in supporting documents, as well as in official correspondence.
5.4 The actual service is the first day of service indicated in supporting documents and / or official correspondence.
5.4.1 If there is a need to pre-purchase non-return services in accordance with paragraph 5.9, the beginning of the actual service is the time of the Contractor's payment for these services.
5.5 Essential conditions of the party determined the following possible conditions: the time and place of the beginning and end of the provision of services, including the train / flight number, address of the place of residence, quantity and quality (age, citizenship, availability of benefits) group composition, number and amount of services provided , including the number of tickets and the availability / absence of paid meals, as well as other conditions, the change of which can have a significant impact on the service, as well as its cost.
5.5.1 For the fulfillment of material conditions, the Customer Representative follows the instructions of the Representative of the Contractor.
5.5.2 The Customer organizes the collection of the group at the place of the beginning of the provision of services not later than 15 minutes before the start of the service. If the attendance is to the place of rendering services after the confirmed time or the absence of the Customer, the Contractor has the right to refuse service and cancel the services in accordance with clause 6 of this Agreement.
5.5.3 The customer assumes responsibility for being late to museums and denial of service in the museum or on the territory of the organizer of food in the event of a breach by the Customer of clause 5.5.1.
5.5.4 Additional working hours for transport and / or tour guides, power units and other services are paid additionally in agreement with the Contractor if there is a technical capability.
5.5.5 The Contractor has the right to refuse to amend the material terms after approval, including changing the place of commencement or termination of the provision of services, if there is no technical capability.
5.5.6 In the presence of the right to a privilege, the Customer (Representative of the Customer) is required at the time of the order to declare the availability of preferential categories (pensioners, students, schoolchildren, etc.). Otherwise, the Contractor applies conditions and prices for the category without benefits. At the moment of rendering the service, the Customer ensures the availability of documents confirming the right to benefit or makes an additional payment to the value of the main category.
5.6 The Executor published on the pages of excursions familiarization routes. When ordering an individual excursion, the Customer has the right to agree on the objects that must be included in the route. The final route and the order of visiting the facilities are determined by the Contractor taking into account the transport situation and information about the overlaps.
5.7 The Customer's representative assumes and is responsible for compliance with the Rules of Conduct and the basic safety precautions on the excursion (hereinafter referred to as ) and agrees to introduce the Rules of Conduct to the other members of the group.
5.8 In case of violation of the Rules of Conduct, the Executor reserves the right to suspend the service until the violation has been rectified or to refuse further provision of the service.
5.9 Non-return services in accordance with these Rules are museum tickets and excursions in museums, as well as possible other non-refundable services recorded by the Parties in official correspondence.
5.10 When ordering tickets for a group excursion, the Customer is guaranteed the availability of the number of bought-out seats in accordance with the voucher or boarding pass without specifying the specific places, and also the section / deck in the cabin of the vehicle, unless otherwise specified in the voucher or boarding pass.
5.11 In case of impossibility to provide services, including but not limited to technical reasons, the Contractor offers the Customer an alternative (similar in cost or more expensive) service option (another excursion or excursion, another transport, museum replacement) or performs a full refund of the paid service services).
5.12 The Contractor reserves the right to change excursions without reducing the total amount of the excursion program, the Customer has the right to agree to changes or to refuse the service. In the event of the Customer's refusal, the Contractor shall perform a full refund of the paid service (part of the services).

6. Refusal of Service
6.1 The customer has the right to timely refuse the services provided by sending a letter to an email or fax.
6.2 Timely is a refusal made by the Customer not later than the established time before the beginning of the execution of the order and actual service in accordance with the following items:
6.2.1 By default, for an individual guest or group of guests not more than 5 people, the timely withdrawal of services is considered to be no later than 72 hours before the actual service begins.
6.2.2 By default, when servicing a group of guests more than 5 people, the timely withdrawal of services is considered to be no later than 7 days before the actual service begins.
6.2.3 The parties allow the establishment of other conditions for denial that are fixed in supporting documents and / or official correspondence at the time of placing the order and are treated as priority, applying instead of 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 of these Rules.
6.2.4 In case of timely refusal of the Customer from the paid reservation, the Contractor returns to the Customer the full cost of the paid services, except for the possible costs for commissions of payment systems and the cost of banking services.
6.2.6 In the event of the cancellation of the services within the time limits that violate clauses 6.2.1, 6.2.2, 6.2.3 and 5.9, the cancellation of the services is considered untimely.
6.3 In case of untimely refusal, as well as when the Customer is late or not to the places where services were provided, the Executor has the right to take into account the prepayment previously made as a penalty.
6.3.1 The amount of the penalty is understood as the cost of paid services on request and is determined by the Contractor, depending on the damage incurred, but not less than the cost of services for all days of service falling under the terms of late failure in accordance with 6.2.1 and 6.2.2, the cost of purchased non-refundable services, according to clause 5.9, and, in addition, the cost of other actually incurred expenses.

7. Motivation program and gift certificate
7.1 The Contractor establishes various variants of motivational programs (hereinafter - Shares) for users of the Site.
7.1.1 The shares are placed on the Site at Shares and discounts . Terms and conditions are published directly in the description of each individual Promotion.
7.1.2 The Customer has the right to use one of the Shares at his discretion.
7.1.3 The motivation program is not applicable to the prices published on the Site for entrance tickets to museums, tickets for excursions with admission to the group for preferential categories, and also when paying for services through a gift certificate.
7.2 The Customer has the right to order and pay for services published on the site and to transfer (present) to any interested person (hereinafter referred to as "Gift Certificate).
7.2.1 The certificate is a non-refundable service, according to item 5.9, it is not subject to exchange and return and is provided in the form of an electronic document, the validity period is determined according to the information on the Certificate.
7.2.2 The certificate may be accepted only for payment of the Services published on the Site. Activation of the Certificate and the choice of the service is preliminary. The certificate is valid for a one-time payment for an order, one order is issued for one certificate.
7.2.3 If the cost of the Services exceeds the nominal value of the Certificate, it is possible to pay the Contractor a difference in value. If the ordered services are lower than the value of the certificate's value, the balance is written off and can not be returned.
7.2.4 For a simple written application in the presence of a personal cabinet, the unused balance of the certificate's value can be credited in the form of bonus points in the personal account.
7.2.5 Upon expiration of the validity period of the certificate, the Service is deemed to be rendered.
7.2.6 Additional conditions for the design and use of the gift certificate are available in the Gift Certificate section.

8. Other rights and responsibilities of the parties
8.1 The Contractor is responsible for the material damage caused to the Customer due to deficiencies in the services provided, in the manner and scope provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation, except for cases when the violation of the Customer's rights occurred due to weather conditions, natural disasters, the application of legislative acts and orders of state institutions and other circumstances force majeure.
8.2 The Customer is responsible for fulfilling its obligations to the Contractor, as well as for causing the Contractor both material damage and damage to its business reputation.
8.3 The customer represents the interests of all tourists entered in the application for the order of services and is liable to the Contractor for the correctness of the information specified in the application, as well as for the compliance of all tourists with these Rules.

9. Final Provisions
9.1 These Rules are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation. Other issues not regulated by these Rules are resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
9.2 In case of any disputes arising from the application of these Rules, the Parties shall make every effort to resolve them through negotiations.
9.3 In case that it is not possible to resolve disputed situations by negotiation, disputes shall be resolved in time and in accordance with the procedure established by the legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

10. Requisites of the Contractor
Address: 191186, St. Petersburg, st. Malaya Morskaya 11, office 40
BIN: 1167847233916
TIN: 7840052078 / KPP: 784001001
S / a: in Petrovsky Branch of the Public Joint Stock Company of the Bank "Financial Corporation Open", St. Petersburg, c / a: 30101810540300000795, BIC: 044030795
Tel .: +7 (812) 642-94-47

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