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Pavlovsk Park is one of the largest beautiful parks in Europe. The landscape of the park emphasizes the beauty of Russian nature. You admire the beauty and harmony as the palace and park ensemble. If you are traveling by a small group, you can rent a boat or carriage with horses. Golden-white palace, built on the high bank of the river Slavyanka, visible even from distant points of the park. Its central building has three floors, crowned by a flat dome at sixty-four columns. Interior decoration of rooms, which kept many works of art, furniture, jewelery, impressive in its diversity.

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Duration: 5 hrs.To order tickets for the sightseeing bus tour in St. Petersburg, select a date, time and number of tickets.Tour starts from the Gostiny Dvor (Gostiny Dvor metro station).

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Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, Peter and Paul Fortress, Summer garden, Palace Square, the Winter Palace, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Sphinx on the University Embankment, St. Isaac's Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Kazan Cathedral, Nevsky Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor

The route may change due to traffic jams, city festivals and other events in the city center. Place the start and end of the tour depends on the location of the hotel.


Pavlovsk became suburban Imperial residence, when Paul I came to the throne. The court architect Paul I, Vincenzo Brenna greatly expanded the palace in the 90 years of the XVIII century. He built a second floors of office buildings, has attached thereto two new semicircular wings, almost shutting the front yard. On one floor up and galleries-colonnades. Despite this adjustment, the central body has retained first place in the palace of the composition, still stand and the size and elegance of design.

The palace collection includes Western European paintings, a collection of Russian portrait painting and landscape Russian XVIII - beginning of XIX century. From arts and crafts most fully represented by a collection of porcelain of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, as Western European, especially the Sevres porcelain factory, and Russian, production of the Imperial Porcelain Factory. The museum is famous for its unique collections of fine and decorative arts. A special place is a collection of ancient art: Roman marble sculpture, bronze, plastic and glass (I n.e.- III century AD.).

Among the most interesting pieces of furniture are works of David Roentgen (Germany) and Henri Jacob (France), as well as the Russian furniture from drawings A. Voronikhin. The decoration of the halls of the palace a large place is occupied by works of French decorative art of the eighteenth century.

Pavlovsk is located near Pushkin. A trip to Pavlovsk - a great opportunity to relax from the noise of the city and get some fresh air. A beautiful walk through the parks will complement the beauty of the palaces and pavilions, bridges and beautiful lakes.

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