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Yusupov palaceYusupov Palace, located on the Moika Embankment in St. Petersburg, has an incredible history. The building was reconstructed several times, constantly changing tenants. The final form of the building takes on only at the end of the XIX century, when the mansion owned Yusupov family. The most famous people of St. Petersburg visited the events taking place in the Yusupov Palace.

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The palace went down in history after the darkest events of the beginning of XX century. It is here that the murder of the famous Grigory Rasputin, as one of the conspirators was the owner of the palace Felix Yusupov. According to legend, he lured Rasputin in the palace basement, where the conspirators were trying to poison him, but the poison had no effect. After that, the conspirators decided to kill him with a pistol, several bullets went into Rasputin's chest. His body was thrown into the waters of the Little Neva.

Following these events, the Yusupov Palace acquired the status of a mystical place as legends about Rasputin's death, after all, he was considered at least a sorcerer. Now in the palace there is the exhibition "Assassination of Rasputin", where you can see photos of the halls of the palace of the time, in the reconstructed interior you can see wax figures of Rasputin, Felix Yusupov and others.

Yusupov dynasty was one of the most famous in Russia, in this palace often held receptions of foreign guests, great balls, with chic conducted public holidays. In the palace there is a home theater, which staged-famous Petersburg amateur productions. Until now, the Yusupov Palace are theatrical performances.

Home theater allowing guests to experience the atmosphere of an aristocratic 19th-century St. Petersburg. Yusupov Palace unique in that it is preserved in its original form.

With the theater it is also related the incredible love story of one of the Yusupov. The theaters of the Russian Empire before playing members of the lower classes, home theater Yusupov was no exception. One of the relatives of the Yusupov family Nikolai Sheremetev was madly in love with an actress Praskovya Zhemchugova. They get married secretly as an actress at the time would not have accepted in society. After her death at age 35, widowed led a secluded life and engaged in charity. A theater in the palace, which is now played by actors of the first magnitude, still takes viewers.

Now in the palace are excursions that always attract many tourists. Also, the Yusupov Palace can be seen on guided tours along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, as the palace is on the Moika River.

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